Zedbed memory foam

Authentically made—in Canada

With its own facilities in Canada, Zedbed is one of the few mattress manufacturers to make its own memory foam—from start to finish. Using only our own memory foam allows us to limit density and quality variations and control costs and environmental impacts.

We produce numerous types of memory foams at our Canada facility, each using an exclusive proprietary formula known only to Zedbed's small team of experts, which helps our brand stand head and shoulders above the competition. Competitors' mattresses just don't come close to matching Zedbed in terms of comfort and quality.

Zedbed is a highly innovative company, as illustrated by our exclusive methods and formulas. Because no other manufacturer has as broad a range of memory foams, Zedbed can offer you unparalleled comfort to satisfy your most demanding sleep requirements.

High density

Zedbed is the only manufacturer to use naturally renewable oils in its high-density memory foams. And we're the only one in North America whose formulations feature soybean and coconut oils.

While some competing products may claim to be green, none offer the same density level as our products. The superior density of Zedbed foams lets us produce top-quality products that are exceptionally eco-friendly and extremely long-lasting. That's why we offer a limited 10-year warranty on our mattresses and a 3-year warranty on most Zedbed pillows.

Say so long to aches and pains

Zedbed mattresses don't contain the same memory foams found in popular brands. In terms of stand-out style and matchless comfort, Zedbed has been breaking new ground for years now with mattresses that quickly recover their initial shape and perfectly support body contours in order to substantially reduce pressure points.

Other foams on the market can leave you feeling as if you're in a hammock, or put pressure on your back (much like an innerspring mattress might), resulting in discomfort rather than the blissful good night's sleep you'll enjoy with Zedbed memory foam.


Microscopic dust mites can live on—and thrive in—the materials used inside conventional innerspring mattresses. When your mattress is 100% top-quality foam, there's no need to worry about sharing your bed with them.


The materials we've developed at Zedbed are sensitive to body heat, so they conform to your body like a glove. And unlike the materials used by some of our popular competitors, Zedbed foam won't react to the slightest fluctuations in ambient temperatures.

C3 Technology

Zedbed now offers an exclusive phase-change technology called C3 . This technology stands for Comfort-Climate-Control. It is infused in some of our fabrics and foam. Here is how our technology will help you to regulate your body temperature:  

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