R2 Series
Our crème de la crème, elegant and luxurious

The mattresses in our R2 Series feature a top layer of what we call R2, which is an improved version of our PURE memory foam. This eco-friendly, high-density memory foam created by Zedbed has all the advantages of regular memory foam, without the drawbacks. Because the R2 always returns to its original shape, faster than standard memory foam, it is highly prized by those seeking the best-performing mattresses on the market. It provides motion isolation for sleepers who move about and keeps the surface of the mattress cool and comfortable.

Just like the models in our PURE collection, R2 Series mattresses fit like a glove to users' body contours so they can immediately enjoy the benefit of diminished physical pressure points. Unlike the majority of memory foams, high density R2 isn't made solely from hydrocarbons, but contains soybean oil, a renewable resource. What's more, R2 is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. So you can sleep in luxury and enjoy the many advantages of this memory foam, reinvented so you can awaken ready for a great day!

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R2 Series
Our R2 Series memory foam returns to its original shape quickly, within 5 to 15 seconds.

Available technologies for R2 Series

The Zedfresh technology absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed to help maintain a comfortable surface temperature – helping you sleep at your ideal sleeping temperature.

The use of gel combined with Zedfresh technology allows more effective temperature management than a standard memory foam gel. Often people experience nighttime temperature peaks, making them feel too hot or too cold while they sleep. Zedfresh technology helps stabilize the temperature of the bed during these peaks.


It’s our own lavender-based formulation, manufactured in our company-owned production facility in Canada. Only Zedbed adds soybean oil and lavender water (locally made) to its formula instead of being 100 % petroleum-based like many other companies.

Also, lavender scents tend to improve the overall sleep quality and is one of the best natural repellents for bed bugs.  A perfect match!


With EXPULSE-AIR® technology, we have reinvented the way air circulates in a mattress. The ventilation channels positioned across the entire width of the middle layer of the mattress allows air to move freely in the mattress and escapes easily through the sides. The warm air produced by your body finds a simple way to escape from the mattress, which gives your body more freshness in any season.

EXPULSE-AIR®, a process that finally allows heat to be expelled from your mattress.


THERMOCOOL™ rapidly evaporates moisture, thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres are designed to provide added evaporative surface, outstanding moisture transport and allow enhanced air circulation focusing energy on the evaporation process.

With the phase changing material, THERMOCOOL™ fiber helps you to be warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot.


What if drilling hundreds of small holes on the top layer of your mattress would make a difference in the way you sleep? PERFOR-PRO® is a unique perforation process enhancing the performance of your mattress in several ways. First of all, it lets warm air inside the mattress circulate from the top layer to the bottom support core. The air is then lead in the EXPULSE-AIR® ventilation channels and escapes through the sides of your bed. PERFOR-PRO® allows the heat to be shared between your body and the foam so that it adapts to your contours, without applying pressure.

Your body will never be as comfortable and freshly rested.


SNOWPEDIC® technology from Zedbed offers more comfort, thanks to the Zedbed research and development team that has developed an innovative process to infuse gel crystals directly into the foam. These thousands of crystals dispersed in the upper layer of your mattress act like tiny coolers when in contact with the body, while maintaining accurate support and allowing air to circulate freely in the mattress. You therefore will rest on a cooler mattress from dusk to dawn.

Enjoy today the unique technology providing you freshness and support!


Our mattresses are carefully designed and put together in Canada. Zedbed assures you a product made with superior materials of exceptional quality. Because all our energy is focused on your entire satisfaction, you can have a better night of sleep.

Support + ®, Increased support for your back

Only Zedbed mattresses have the addition of lumbar gel that supports the body and aligns your spine perfectly while you sleep.  Indeed, SUPPORT+® is impressive by its capacity to support all types of morphology and allow your body to stay cool. Specifically disposed under your shoulders, hips and calves, SUPPORT+® puts your body in an optimal posture to sleep peacefully. 

With SUPPORT+® gel, you will awaken refreshed, without muscular pain and ready for the day ahead!

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