Our mission and vision

Our mission

Zedbed produces memory foam sleep products and accessories that satisfy user needs and works closely with established retailers to distribute them to consumers.

Our versatility and expertise enable us to continuously redefine sleep industry standards, developing desirable new products that will provide ongoing comfort while respecting the environment.

Our vision

To set the North American standard for accessible, high-end consumer sleep products, using an innovative manufacturing approach that emphasizes lasting comfort.

Our values

Zedbed has built its reputation on core values such as:

  • Respect: We respect our employees and partners, listening to their concerns and responding appropriately.
  • Integrity: We strive to maintain our integrity, always acting with exemplary transparency and honesty in all our business dealings.
  • Teamwork: We encourage mutual cooperation and agree to set aside differences to work with our partners and all members of our organization in order to attain established goals, acknowledging the good will and contributions of all.
  • Workplace well-being: We strive to provide a pleasant working environment that fosters well-being, stimulates employees, and nurtures good relationships between colleagues and partners.
  • Accomplishment: We set our employees up to succeed, encouraging their commitment to their work and especially to personal and professional growth.
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