The Latex Series
Naturally cool and supportive

The mattresses in our Latex Series feature latex sleep surfaces and a different type of foam (not memory foam) within. Their high-density latex is what's known as natural latex. Like our ZX foam, latex always returns to its original shape—instantaneously—whereas standard memory foam takes 15 to 30 seconds to do so, on average. So users often remark that these mattresses feel very similar to innerspring models. While Zedbed doesn't produce this latex in Quebec, we are very meticulous when sourcing it for our mattresses. We designed the Latex Series for the consumer who prefers semi-firm to firm comfort and is ready to move from an innerspring mattress to a memory foam model.

Known for "keeping cool," another plus of latex is that it conforms fairly well to body contours, as Latex Series users will quickly discover when their pressure points lessen. Unlike most memory foams, which are composed solely of hydrocarbons, latex comes from the Hevea Basilinesis or rubber tree, giving it a more natural appeal. Among its many benefits, latex is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. So you can awaken refreshed after sleeping on this natural "cool foam," and go on to have a great day!

Latex Copper

We now offer Copper technology in some of our latex mattresses. Here are the benefits of this technology:

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Latex Series
Latex returns to its original shape instantly.

Available technologies for LATEX Series

The Zedfresh technology absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed to help maintain a comfortable surface temperature – helping you sleep at your ideal sleeping temperature.

The use of gel combined with Zedfresh technology allows more effective temperature management than a standard memory foam gel. Often people experience nighttime temperature peaks, making them feel too hot or too cold while they sleep. Zedfresh technology helps stabilize the temperature of the bed during these peaks.


With EXPULSE-AIR® technology, we have reinvented the way air circulates in a mattress. The ventilation channels positioned across the entire width of the middle layer of the mattress allows air to move freely in the mattress and escapes easily through the sides. The warm air produced by your body finds a simple way to escape from the mattress, which gives your body more freshness in any season.

EXPULSE-AIR®, a process that finally allows heat to be expelled from your mattress.


THERMOCOOL™ rapidly evaporates moisture, thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres are designed to provide added evaporative surface, outstanding moisture transport and allow enhanced air circulation focusing energy on the evaporation process.

With the phase changing material, THERMOCOOL™ fiber helps you to be warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot.


What if drilling hundreds of small holes on the top layer of your mattress would make a difference in the way you sleep? PERFOR-PRO® is a unique perforation process enhancing the performance of your mattress in several ways. First of all, it lets warm air inside the mattress circulate from the top layer to the bottom support core. The air is then lead in the EXPULSE-AIR® ventilation channels and escapes through the sides of your bed. PERFOR-PRO® allows the heat to be shared between your body and the foam so that it adapts to your contours, without applying pressure.

Your body will never be as comfortable and freshly rested.


Our mattresses are carefully designed and put together in Canada. Zedbed assures you a product made with superior materials of exceptional quality. Because all our energy is focused on your entire satisfaction, you can have a better night of sleep.

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