Our history

Zedbed: a sweet bedtime story

1994: Literies Champlain opens its doors in April as a manufacturer of traditional spring mattresses in Grand-Mère, (QC) Canada.

1995: An electric (adjustable) bed is added to the company's mattress and foundation collection. Literies Champlain is one of the few companies distributing this type of adjustable bed.

1996−1999: The Company develops its own electric bed. Its adjustable model is one of the first (in the higher-end collection) to be manufactured entirely in Quebec, Canada.

2000: Launch of a first adjustable bed collection sold under the name Zedbed. The company is the first to manufacture both bed and mattress.

2002: Literies Champlain changes its name to Zedbed, inspired by the success of its eponymous adjustable bed collection.

Launch of a new collection of 100% memory foam mattresses. Spring mattress production and direct sales are discontinued to focus on building a distribution network of furniture and bedding retailers.

2004: Zedbed decides to manufacture PURE memory foam, in Grand-Mère's factory. The company's original facilities are retooled for the pouring of memory foam blocks and pillows.

2006: Company engineers reformulate PURE memory foam, substituting soybean oil (a renewable resource) for some of the hydrocarbons used in production.

2007: Zedbed acquires the only machine in North America that can stitch fabric directly in over 2 inches of memory foam, improving mattress durability.

2008: Zedbed creates ZX foam and sets its sights on developing the U.S. market.

2009: Zedbed acquires a second factory, located in Shawinigan(QC) Canada, doubling its production capacity.

2010: Zedbed develops R2, a quick response memory foam.

2011: Among the year's highlights is the filing of the company's first patent application, for production of an eco-friendly memory foam with embedded gel crystals.

2014: Creation of our own lavender-based formulation known to be one of the best natural repellents for bed bugs.

2015: Acquisition of an air-packing machine to export the mattresses and help for transportation.

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