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Zedbed, manufacturer of eco-friendly foam mattresses with therapeutic support

Welcome to Zedbed! We manufacture the widest range of eco-friendly foam mattresses in Canada.

Zedbed was the first North American mattress manufacturer to make its own high-density, soy-based memory foam. Along with mattresses and pillows made with our exclusive foams, we offer a full line of sleep products, including adjustable beds, foundations, and headboards. All Zedbed products are fully manufactured and assembled at our facilities in Quebec. Read more

Zedbed specializes in manufacturing memory foam mattresses—our products contain no innersprings. Memory foam, hailed as "a breakthrough technology" in mattress manufacturing, distributes body weight uniformly to considerably reduce pressure points. The therapeutic benefits of memory foam have made it the mattress of choice for countless consumers!

Zedbed produces four different soy-based memory foam formulas: our ZX, R2, PURE and Latex Series. Each of them offers exceptional comfort that will help you sleep better at night—and function better during the day.

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You can also learn more about Zedbed's high-density memory foam pillows and adjustable beds, designed to help you enjoy an improved sleep experience.

Because a good night's sleep always makes the next day better!

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting Zedbed!


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